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An order establishing the commencement and continuation of terms of court for each of the counties within a chancery court district consisting of more than one (1) county shall be entered annually and not later than October 1 of the year immediately preceding the calendar year for which such terms of court are to become effective. Notice of the dates upon which the terms of court shall commence and the number of days for which such terms shall continue in each of the counties within a chancery court district shall be posted in the office of the chancery clerk of each county within the district and mailed to the office of the Secretary of State for publication and distribution to all members of the Mississippi Bar. In the event that an order is not timely entered as herein provided, the terms of court for each of the counties within any such chancery court district shall remain unchanged for the next calendar year.

§9-5-3, Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended.



2018 – Chancery Court – PDF

2019 – Chancery Court – PDF

2018 – Family Master –   PDF


August 24, 2018 Ex Parte Day in Forest,MS


September 7, 2018 Ex Parte Day in Bay Springs,MS


September 2018 Bay Springs Term Docket


NOTE:  Changes have been made to both the 2018 and the 2019 Court Calendars.  For 2018, the Ex Parte days in November and December have been changed and for 2019 the JASC dates have been deleted inasmuch as the legislature abolished the Judicial Advisory Study Committee earlier this year.  You can view these changes and obtain new court calendars above.